Friday, January 2, 2015

The Professor: Part One

The Professor was an African American teacher at my college and He literally changed my life. Not only did he change it, He took it over. In every sense of the word He became this white boys MASTER and OWNER.

During this recollection i will not reveal the professor's name, what school he was affiliated with, what he taught specifically or where he lived. While quite active in a the pansexual community at the time, he was not out to his colleagues at work or His family and some of His friends. He passed way from lung cancer many years ago but I will still respect His memory.

I attended a local college/university in the New York/New Jersey area starting in the fall of 1978.

I took the professor's class in the spring semester in January 1979. He was teaching a sociology/anthropology course that I had elected to take. There were about 100 students in a large lecture hall type room.

He was a tall BLACK MAN with an Afro. He was wearing tight fitting jeans (i later learned these were 501's. I had heard of them but never seen them. I grew up wearing jeans from Sears). The jeans showed off a nice bulge in his crotch and flared slightly at the ankles. He wore a multi colored silk shirt that clung to his chest and torso. This is what He wore almost every day. The same jeans and boots and a different shiny colored shirt. The first day of class I sat in the middle section but after i saw the teacher i started sitting in the first row every class.

i loved the sound of his voice when He lectured, i liked watching him move around as He talked and i could not take my eyes of the bulge in His crotch.

Before i go further about how our relationship changed from Teacher/student to BLACK MASTER/slave, let me tell you about what i had been doing since the previous October.

The BLACK SIR i went home with from the bar had me pegged. i loved cock and after the initial fear of being found out i loved being fucked. i deeply regretted throwing away His number. Because as much as i liked sucking Cock i really wanted to be used again. The BLACK SIR had brought all my secret slave fantasies out into the light and i had loved it. Especially in 20/20 hindsight. Any of the pain, physical discomfort and fear was replaced with memories of the all night bondage, the gags, drinking piss, sucking Cock and being fucked. i wanted it and needed it again. (if you want to know about this SIR read the posts entitled THE FIRST BLACK MASTER on this blog.)

i still had the plug i had gone home with and i was wearing it all the time. i was going to school and worked with a plug in me. i fingered my hole a lot while i jerked off to bondage fantasies. Except now the fantasy always featured a Black Master in it and was about Black Dick.

In December i went into Manhattan during Christmas and i went down to the sex shops in Times Square and i bought a black rubber dildo. Now when i was jerking off i was fucking myself with the dildo. i also found some magazines that specialized in BLACK and white BDSM. Here are some images of the type of stuff i was buying, reading and jerking off too.

It was like rockets going off in my head when i discovered magazines related to Black domination over whites. They were mostly male/female but there were a few male slaves in them and lots of BLACK MASTERS. This was my new jerk off material with the black dildo in my hole. And during the day i was walking around stuffed with a black plug. i had a whole secret box hidden in my closet. I purchased fleet enemas and an red enema bag to make sure i was clean inside. i kept KY jelly and my dildo, plug and other toys in there too. My parents slept downstairs so i had the upstairs bath to myself and i developed morning and evening rituals to keep myself clean.

During the winter break at school i discovered a glory hole in one of the out of the way bathrooms in the campus library. i was nervous but i hung out there one afternoon and i was rewarded with a cock (white) coming through from the other side. i sucked him off. Later i went into the other stall and wrote a message stating Black Cock sucked here. i went to a few other bathroom stalls on campus and left messages that Black Cock could be sucked at this particular stall. Once the new semester started there were Cocks coming through the hole and some of the were BLACK . Some of them were bigger than i could handle (i have mentioned before i'm not a great cock sucker. i have a terrible gag reflex.) 

i loved sucking Cock. Especially Black Dick and i loved cum. i loved tasting it, smelling it and swallowing it. i loved the feel of it spurting out of a Cock and into my mouth. I still do in fact. All of this was pre-AIDS and there were no worries about safe sex. During these glory hole sessions i was all ways jerking myself so i started either just wearing a jock or not wearing any underwear at all underneath my trousers. I guess the lack of briefs or a jock is what got me noticed by the Professor.

As i mentioned i started sitting in the front row of the lecture hall so i could look at Him. He was sexy. He smoked, he had a deep voice. he was thin but muscular. He had a mustache and goatee. he had dark chocolate skin. He gave interesting lectures and many of them contained sexual content. i paid attention but i also didn't. i was kind of just staring at him. Occasionally i would play a little pocket pool as i watched him cause at the age of 19 it seemed like my dick was always hard and ready.

Then in the month of February  He gave a "what-if" lecture and the subject was "What-if the African Countries had been the dominant countries and the European countries had been invaded and Europeans enslaved and the New World consisted of Black Owners and white slaves. He talked about how it could come about and the economic and social impact etc. But i wasn't really listening because he had pictures. The pictures showed masculine Black Men holding the chains of shackled white men and women. These pictures looked authentic. whites on the slave auction block. whites in domestic slave situations. None of them were naked completely. These images were coming from a slide projector and the hall was darkened and i was playing with myself, especially every time an image of a powerful BLACK MASTER with a white slave came on the screen.

The presentation ended and we were given an assignment - write an essay on what we believed 20th century repercussions would be of a Black Dominant society in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

As we were leaving He was passing out papers he had marked from last week'class. Right before he handed me my old homework he pulled out a pen and wrote on it.  He made brief eye contact with me as I took the paper and walked past and read the note - Come to my office. 

i wondered what He wanted.

i was still young and naive but my education was about to improve. 

i found His office and knocked on the door. He told me to enter. As i closed the door behind me he asked me to lock it. He said he didn't want us disturbed.

He said He had been meaning to talk to me for a while. He was very pleased with my work. He appreciated that i was getting good grades and he noticed that i always sat up front and paid attention. 

He asked what i thought of today's lecture and i responded noncommittally that i thought it was interesting. He looked a little puzzled and said "only interesting". "it seemed to me like you were very interested." 

I don't remember what i said next but it was something along the lines of "i always enjoy your lectures." He stayed on talking about this particular lecture and then He asked if I liked it because of the photos and he moved a folder and there were black and white photos of some of the ones He projected during the lecture. The top photo was a muscular BLACK MAN holding the chain of a white male slave that was standing on an auction block. 

He continued to talk to me while i was staring at the photos. "i have noticed for sometime that you tend to stare at me during class and sometimes you busy yourself in class. I thought you might might have a crush on me." i looked at Him when he said that and felt my cheeks blush. 

But today, from the evidence on your pants I could tell the lecture got you even more "interested" than usual" and he gestured at my crotch.

It was a day when i wasn't wearing briefs or a jock and i had not noticed that on my khaki pants i had left a pre-cum stain in my crotch. 

"And even now looking at the photos on my desk you seem to be even more interested".  

From that i guessed he could notice I was getting aroused.

"So", he continued, "I was wondering if it was today's lecture in specific that you liked or just this in general" as He said "this in general"  he pushed his chair back from His desk and  and there in His jeans was the outline of a thick, erect Cock going down His left leg. 

i don't know what i felt. I stammered. i tried to deny it. my mouth drop opened. i tried to cover my crotch with my hand. i think turned red. i was embarrassed. This was not an anonymous person. This was a person I saw twice a week. i really didn't have any context for two people talking about sex. 

But He had my number. 

"Move your hand away from your pants, in fact put both hands behind your back", he instructed. 

I replied "Yes Sir". the words came out naturally. Was it because he was my professor and a person in authority? Was it because He was a masculine BLACK MAN? Was it because of all the BDSM porn i read and jerked off too? i honestly couldn't answer. But the words Yes SIR seemed right and He noticed when I said them.

"Do you like this?" he asked. As He asked He stroked His hand along His Cock. i nodded and choked out a Yes SIR. 

"I have noticed you coming out of the bathroom in the library building. Are you the one that likes to suck Black Cock?" i just nodded"

He picked up the photo on the desk and held it up This interests you a lot doesn't it?" i stammered out a Yes SIR.

i guess he could tell i was that having my secret revealed was upsetting me. He spoke in his deep steady voice " Listen to me. You are not in trouble. This is a perfectly normal discussion between two adults. You can relax. This is just between us. Take a breath and calm down." 

His words had a calming affect on me. i took in a deep breath. 

He held up the picture again and said have you ever done anything like this before. I nodded and said Yes SIR and he questioned with a BLACK MAN and i responded Yes SIR. Last October SIR.

"Would you like to tell me about it? "I would be interested?" 

I started to talk and he held up a hand. "It's your homework assignment, instead of the one I gave you in class" "I want you to write out your experience in detail." What you did". What he did". How you felt". Have it back to me by Friday and I'll read it over the weekend. Is that agreeable?" he asked.

I nodded and said "yes SIR". "Good. I'll look forward to reading it." You should get going now I have work to do." 

I responded "Yes SIR" thankful to be able to leave yet disappointed there was not more. I was both afraid and excited.

I started to leave and he held up His hand "One more thing." He gestured at the floor in front of His chair. "Kneel down" and he pointed at the floor"

I knelt on the floor, hands behind my back and looked at him. 
"Look at the floor. Don't make eye contact with me without permission" he stated.
I averted my eyes downward.
"Now repeat after me" He said. "Thank You SIR for taking an interest in my education, training and development."

i repeated it word for word. He ordered me to say it again with more conviction. As i repeated it more firmly i watched His hand gently stroke the outline of His Cock.

After that He said i was dismissed and and i scrambled to my feet and was out of his office. i didn't stop walking till i was at my car in the parking lot. Once inside i took a deep breath and reviewed everything that happened. My heart was racing. I was panicking. The Professor knew my secrets. He knew i was gay, He knew i used the glory hole. He knew i liked Black Cock. Did He know about the BSDM part or was that just a guess after today's class. 

This is what half my mind was thinking about. The other half was thinking about the Cock outlined in His pants. The photo of the BLACK MASTER and the white slave. The other pictures of whites in chains. His Cock in his pants. Finally the half of my mind focused on sex won and i jerked off right there in the parking lot.

i went home and was a bit of a wreck. i hardly ate dinner. Finally around midnight i started writing. Throughout the night i would take breaks to play with my cock and balls and fuck my hole with my black dildo. I slept on and off. I skipped classes on Wednesday and wrote and jerked off. i used a jock as a cum rag and it was caked in dried cum. i can't imagine how my room smelled. sweat and cum i guess. 

i wrote in long hand on yellow lined paper and it took all day to write. The experience of going home with the Black Man from the bar had happened only five months before so I was able to recall most of it and put it all down on paper. I think the act of writing it all down is what has helped it stay fairly clear in my memory 35 years later. I included the part about throwing away the man's number. When i finished i had pages and pages of writing. 

I had the Professor's class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and after class on Thursday i handed Him the papers in an envelope. i was trembling a little. He took it from me with no indication that it was different from all the other students homework.

I had a restless weekend. Starting Thursday evening i went to all the usual places looking for Cock to suck and had no luck. I jerked off a lot. 

I walked into class on Tuesday extremely nervous. I don't have a clue what the lecture was. I just let the sound of the professor's voice enter my mind like music. I stared at His crotch as much as I could without being obvious. The bulge there now was nothing compared to the outline I had seen a week ago.

As the class exited the lecture hall He handed back the homework from the prior week. He gave me back the same envelope i gave Him without a word. Outside the classroom I opened it. it wasn't my papers. Just a note that said to report to His office at 5:00 PM.  I sat in my car for three hours gently massaging my cock through my jeans while i waited.

I knocked on His door at 5:00 PM and he told me to come in and lock the door. He pointed at the same place on the floor and said "Kneel."

I started to talk and he held up a hand and said "Don't speak unless I give you specific permission too." I said "Yes SIR" and he snapped in a firmer voice "What did I just say!"

i almost said i was sorry but stopped myself. I nodded and moved towards the spot by his desk. He held up his hand and said "undress first". I started to balk and he said "Listen to me. I expect you to follow my instructions. Don't make me repeat myself. I read what you wrote. You have no problem being naked in front of another man so get undressed. I know the setting is unusual but the door is locked and we won't be disturbed so be obedient." I nodded and undressed. it was quick -shirt, t-shits, shoes, socks, pants. No briefs. He ordered me to stand up straight. Then to turn around. Then to bend over. As i started to I remembered the butt plug was in place. I heard him chuckle as the base was revealed between my ass cheeks.

"OK. Kneel"

To Be Continued

The First Black Master: Part 5

i started this blog as a way to share my thoughts and desires about serving the superior Black Master. To use this as a forum tell of my experiences with the Black Men i have been privileged to know and submit too. I started with the very first Black SIR, a stranger I met in a bar. he was the first and the one that made me understand that the fantasies I had were nothing compared to the possibilities of reality.

i want to finish that story and then tell you about the Black Professor who instructed me on the true glory of the Black Man and living life as a collared slave, as property to a BLACK MASTER. it was a lesson i took to heart. Then i want to recount my time with Master John, who introduced me to Master Frank.

I will tell you about  Mr. Mike a handsome Black SIR who introduced me to the wonders of having a Black Fist inside of me. I will write about Master's Henry and Thomas. Two superior Black SIR's who lived in Queens and made me their second white boy slave.  And also Black Master Brian who challenged me with the concept of both chastity slavery and celibacy slavery.

Lastly i will tell of my short but meaningful experience with my last Master, Daddy Ed, he was a white man and a sadistic bondage Master who helped me understand that it was my true nature to serve and be controlled and that was ok.

Daddy Ed passed away suddenly and i found myself lost in despair and depression. last year i found the social network, Black Man's Revenge, and when i discovered this place where superior Black Men and inferior whites gathered that was the beginning of a re-awakening for me.

Here was a group of like minded men who understood the powerful dynamic between the superior Black Man and the inferior white male.

i felt like i was beginning a new chapter in my life and that is why i started the blog. To take a look at where i had been, to recollect the Black Men and events that had put me on this path and hopefully create a road map to a future of service. i will use this blog to refocus my thoughts, re-energize my spirit and begin a journey that will hopefully end with my status as the property of a Black Master.

Hopefully someday i might once again be the owned property of a superior Black Master. To live a life devoted to His service. To live for Him and to worship Him. To give whatever and however it can and expect nothing in return. To be grateful that it is owned by and allowed to serve a Black King.

The First BLACK MASTER: Part 5
As i move forward i will continue to look back at the past so let me pick up my story where i left off; kneeling in a Black Master's bathtub, my wrist bound, my cock and balls bound and His Black Cock in my mouth.

It is strange how memory fade but certain things stand out. i remember how slippery the tub was. i remember he smelled of cigarettes.

i remember being in the shower very clearly even now. Many years later i still recall how it felt kneeling in front of Him looking at His Black Dick. Everything else went away. The humiliation of being pissed on, the shock of the cold water, how my wrists burned and arms ached from being tied all night. The same with the pain in my crotch from my own dick being bound up in my jock, never able to get full hard and my balls churned from being in a constant state of arousal. All of that went away. Nothing mattered but the Black Dick in front of me. He was showering and i was making love to this beautiful Black Dick.

And then it was gone. He pulled back and turned off the water. i watched His Black Dick bounce as He stepped out of the tub and grab a towel. Since He had not said otherwise i remained kneeling in the tub. With my hands tied and the tub wet and slippery it would have been difficult to get up any way.

He dried himself and went to the sink and brushed his teeth and applied some deodorant and then walked out of the room.

A moment later i heard him on the phone.  The apartment was small so i could here loud and clear as He told the person on the other end that he wasn’t feeling well and if someone named Ike could run him up some coffee and a couple of bagels.

I was beginning to shiver as I air-dried in the tub. I knelt there with my head down a little scared wondering what was next, but also excited. I recall trying to adjust my bound wrists but that only made the irritation from the ropes hurt more. It felt like getting wet had made the knots tighter.

There was a knock on the door and I heard movement and some conversation and some bags rustling and the door closed. Then he must have moved into the kitchen area because I heard the refrigerator open and some cabinets.

Then He came back into the bathroom. He was wearing the towel wrapped around his waist. That’s how He must have answered the door.

He let the towel drop and my eyes went right to His Black Dick  It was standing at half mast looking thick and full.

He grabbed me under my armpit and lifted and told me to get up. I struggled for a moment and then stood. He pulled me forward so i stepped out of the tub.

Get on the floor faggot, on your knees with your head down and your ass up. I had to get on my knees and then kind of flop on my side and then turn and lift my torso to get in the position He wanted.

He stepped away to the sink and then came back. I felt his hands at the plug, then suddenly He slapped my ass and told me to spread my legs. He worked at the plug in my hole and whatever lube had been used dried there like glue and it hurt as he pulled it out. Again He stepped away and I hear water running. Suddenly i felt a finger probing my hole. It went in smooth and slick and he worked it in and out. So I guess he had greased it. Then I felt something hard being inserted and slid in then pulled out just as quick. It felt like a rubber toy of some kind.

Then He spoke, “well faggot I’ll say one thing for you, you keep your hole nice and clean. Almost like you were looking to get fucked.”

Which I guess I was because I had eaten a light lunch the day before and when I had showered to go out the night before I had cleaned my hole as best I could. But late Sunday afternoon I had no clue that my Monday would turn out the way it did.

i felt something hard at my hole again and realized the plug was being pushed in again. He must have greased it up because it slid right in.

He ordered me to lift my head up and get on my knees. He told me to go into the other room and I started to try to stand. There was another hard slap against the back of my head. “Did I tell you to stand faggot? you do exactly what I tell you. Now move into the other room on your knees.”

“ While you’re at it pick up my towel and that jock and bring them with you.”

I moved around struggling with my hands behind my back to pick up the items and bring them into the other room.

As i entered the room my stomach immediately noticed the smell of coffee and started doing gurgling sounds. He chuckled and “Sorry faggot, nothing for you right now. I want that stomach empty.”

He sat down on the bed and pulled a chair over and propped his bare foot up on it. "Get over here and lick my foot" i crawled over on my knees and hesitantly put my tongue out and started licking. Slowly at first and then with more enthusiasm. He sat back on the bed with his leg sticking out over the side and his foot resting on a chair and He had a white boy on its knees, plugged, cock bound up in a jock, wrist bound behind its back, still damp from the tub worshipping His foot as He sipped coffee, ate a bagel and flipped through a newspaper. i licked the bottom his foot, the sides, i sucked each toe, got my tongue in between the toes. He grunted in pleasure occasionally and i enjoyed this. i put every effort into being a worshipping slave.

Suddenly He planted the bottom of His foot against my face and pushed me back and fell over on my side. i was laying on the floor and He got off the bed and stood up. He was astride me and I looked up and His beautiful Black Dick was fully erect. From the floor he looked so powerful, so masculine and His Black Dick looked huge.

He ordered me up and on the bed. i struggled to my feet and climbed up on the bed. He ordered me to get on my back, so i turned over and laid on my bound wrists. He walked over to the closet rummaged around and came back with more rope. He instructed me to bend my knees, spread my legs and lift my ass. i felt Him doing something to the rope around my wrists. i realized he tied another rope to hit and then pulled it down tight to the frame at the foot of the bed.

Then He got between my legs and grabbed both ankles and pulled them apart and spread my legs wide. He tied ropes around each ankle and then pressing forward he tied the ropes around the frame at the head of the bed. My legs were spread wide my plugged hole was exposed and i was looking up at my ankles. my arms were underneath me tightly secured.

He walked away for a moment out of view and then came back. He pinched my nose close and i opened my mouth and He shoved in the pouch of the jock He had been wearing. He worked it into my mouth until my cheeks bulged. Then i heard tape being peeled off a roll and He started wrapping tape over my mouth, securing the jock in place. He wrapped the tape around my head a couple of times and then tore it off the roll. He leaned in close and pressed down on the tape. His face was right over mine and He leaned in and said. "I'm going to fuck your pussy and its going to hurt at first and I can't have you screaming so the neighbors can here".

He moved away and suddenly the plug was pulled out of my hole. Then i felt His fingers cold and wet going in and out. He was back over my face again with a brown bottle. Some of the cloth to the jock was sticking out of my mouth and right under my noes, not covered by the tape. He reached down and put the mouth of the bottle and tilted it and then pulled it away. He maneuvered the cloth over my nostrils and the odor of poppers invaded my head and the pleasurable buzz began.

He moved away again and positioned Himself on the bed. Looking between my legs I watched as His arm moved, His hand worked on His Black Dick below my line of sight. I felt the head of it at my hole and then He pushed in.

The body does not remember physical sensations, pain or pleasure, but our minds remember the experience of it.

I remember trying to pull away. i remember not being able to move. i remember crying out. i remember there was a hard slap and He said "Shut the fuck up, faggot!"

i quieted down to a dull roar. He put His Black Dick in me in one full thrust and then just held it there until i calmed down. Then he pulled almost all the way out and shoved His Black Dick in again. i was whimpering and He just continued. Putting more of His weight on me as He fucked my hole.

i'd like to say the experience was magically transformed to one of physical ecstasy as i was fucked but that never happen. The pain lessened but never really went away. Parts of the fucking felt good in a way but most of it was just uncomfortable.

It was when He started talking to me that things changed. He brought His head down close by my right ear and started talking about how good it was to fuck white boys. White boys made such good cunts and pussies. He talked about slavery and how i didn't know the meaning of slavery. that it was all sex games, but He would make a real sex slave out of me. He said i would never be a man now. just a cunt, just a pussy. And i would never be satisfied without Black Dick  Whites never go back once they go Black.  He talked about His Black Dick and how big it was and how tight my cunt was and how good it felt to fuck a white pussy boy. he kept calling me cunt, pussy and bitch while He fucked me and i was humiliated and aroused. He talked about how He was going to train me to be His bitch. This was just the beginning. He talked about owning me and i was His slave as He continued to fuck me and that is what did it, pushed over the edge my bound cock spasmed and i orgasmed into the jock without ever touching myself. When i started cumming my hole tightened and He liked that and he told me to keep it tight and He started fucking me harder and then He came inside of me. He sort of just collapsed on top of me afterward. His weight was heavy, my spread legs ached His Cock was still in my hole and that hurt. My wrist hurt even more with the pressure of Him on top of me and i started whimpering. Suddenly another slap upside my head. "Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up?"

He climbed off me and i felt him pull out and yes, i remember feeling empty like something was missing.  it also felt like my hole was stretched wide open. Suddenly something hard was being shoved into me and i let out a surprised yelp. Another slap to the head " Don't make me tell you again, faggot". i realized he had shoved the butt plug back into me.

He untied my legs and lowered them. then He straddled the bed until he was right over my chest. he reached under my neck and found the end of the tape and started peeling. The tape came off and the jock came out. he moved forward until His still thick Black Dick was dangling right above my mouth. he ordered me to clean it. i was horrified. It had just been in my ass. He put a large palm over my mouth and pressed my head down into the mattress. He twisted His torso to look toward the rear of the bed and suddenly i felt the most intense pain as He smacked the pouch of my jock, slamming my balls.

I jerked and let out a moan. He removed his palm from my mouth and asked if i wanted Him to hit my balls again. I said no. i saw Him raise His hand and He said "No, Master". i repeated "No, Master".

"Better." " Now open up and clean it". and i did. in a moment i forgot why i found it so objectionable and started worshipping His Black Dick in my mouth. He started talking again. Calling me a faggot and a pussy and a cunt. he said all white boys were natural pussies. They were meant to be bitches for Black Men and now i was His bitch. The sound of His Black voice, His Black Dick in my mouth, the bondage and the reality of the situation had me completely turned on again. His Black Dick was getting bigger and thicker too.

He got off of me and I felt Him untying my wrists. There was a slap on my leg and He told me to turn over and I complied and rolled over onto my belly. He told me to lift up and he pushed a pillow under my abdomen so my ass was raised.

He used the ropes on my ankles to spread my legs and tie them to the corners of the bed frame. i was on my stomach, legs spred, butt sticking up, wrists bound, cock and balls still bound and my hole plugged.

Suddenly i felt His hand massaging my jock. He was soft and gentle and making me aroused despite the discomfort. He joked and said my clitty had made my jock all wet. i felt humiliated that he called my dick a clitty and i must have blushed because He said not to be ashamed. All white boys have little clitties. It's how they were made. He gently removed the plug and i felt a finger enter my hole. This was gentle too. I was writhing on the bed as He manipulated me. He talked about white boy clitties and white boy cunts. He talked about white boy pussy and how we were all in heat for Big Black Dick  He talked about His Black Dick and how big and thick it was and how small and useless my whiteboy prick was. At some point His fingers left my asshole and suddenly the bottle of poppers was under my nose. i inhaled deeply. he repeated the popper hits three times. Then He started making me answer. He made me beg for His Black Dick  He made me agree that my little white cock was just a clitty to get me aroused and that i had a pussy that needed fucking.he made me say i was a bitch, i was His bitch. He made me call Him SIR, Master and Daddy and made me beg to get fucked. And the whole time i was writhing on the bed completely aroused from His touch and His words and how dominant He was.

He mounted my ass and fucked me. He pushed my face into the mattress when i tried to yell out but this time the pain didn't last and it did feel good. He continued to talk and he kept making me talk and beg and fed me more poppers and finally i went into overload and came and then He did too.

He stayed on top of me for moment and then pulled out. i felt used. The plug was back at my hole and with a grunt it was back in place. He commented that He wanted all His cum to stay inside my pussy. He undid the ropes on my ankles and then ordered me to get on the floor. i got off and sat on the floor by the bed and he laid back with His head on the pillow. i laid on my side and i think we both napped for a bit.

He was giving me a kick, it wasn't hard and i lifted my head. He was sitting up on the edge of the bed and His Black Dick was hanging between His legs. " Clean it, bitch." This time i didn't hesitate.

After a few minutes He pushed me off and told me to turn around. He grabbed something off the bed table and then he was cutting at the ropes on my wrists. They parted and when I moved my arms they hurt from being bound behind my back so long. I started to moan when the hand was upside my head again. "don't go there, bitch. I don't want to hear it." i was quiet. i looked at the rope burns on my wrist. they were deep red and intense. he commented that i should put some lotion on them when i got home.

He told me to get dressed. I asked about the plug and the rope tying my dick and balls into a little package and He said I could take care of them at home. While i was dressing he lit up a joint.

he asked for my number and i explained that i lived with my parents and couldn't get calls. He took a piece of paper and he wrote, and I'll never forget this, "cunt's Black Master" on it and His phone number. He told me that he wasn't home on Tuesday but I was to call Him on Wednesday so i could come over. He said i had a nice tight pussy and He wanted to break it in. He laughed when i blushed in humiliation and said there was no shame in a whiteboy having good pussy for a Black Man. whiteboys were meant to be a Black Man's bitch.

I was dressed and he told me to get on the floor and kiss His Black Dick and thank Him for using me and i did as i was told. i thanked Him and called Him Master and SIR without being prompted.

i left and because i was young, afraid, naive and foolish i never saw Him again.

it was a bright and sunny October Monday. It was almost two in the afternoon. i found my car and got in and drove away. i didn't really know where i was. it was the Rosedale, Elmont area of Long Island. i had not paid much attention the night before when we were driving there (i was also slightly drunk and now after all the endorphins and adrenaline were gone i felt hung over)

After a while I realized I was driving west instead of east and then i got myself turned around, found a familiar rode and drove home. At home i took out the plug and untied my jock. my dick and balls were sore and puffy. i had terrible rope burns on my wrists. i showered and pissed and raided the refrigerator and then went to bed.

My parents came home and the questions began. They had tried to call. Where was i. They had called late in the night and i didn't answer. was i out all night. i told them i was with friends. it was a messy scene. i had these terrible rope burns on my wrists i was hiding. My ass was sore. i felt humiliated for letting Him fuck me and even worse for agreeing that i was His cunt, His bitch, His pussy, His whore and His faggot. i was panicked. People would find out what i done. i made a rash decision that i have regretted my entire life. i flushed his phone number down the toilet.

i regretted it the next day when i was horny. i regretted it on Wednesday when i was supposed to call him. i spent the weekend driving all over Valley Stream, Rosedale, Elmont and Franklin Square looking for where he lived. i never found it and i never saw Him again.

Today this white male fully embraces its identity as a BLACK MAN's bitch. And it has always been grateful to the Superior BLACK MAN who introduced it to the joys of serving a BLACK MASTER and being used by a BLACK MASTER and it always regrets its moment of foolish fear and panic that stopped it from serving Him even more.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Slowly Taking Control

As it writes this, the white slaves dick is locked in chastity. The slave locked it on itself as soon as it arrived home from work after receiving this message from the BLACK MASTER it served last week:

 Dated:  8/6/14 4:28 PM
ok keep my stuff locked up.

The slave understood that to mean to lock up its slave dick. The slave's dick twitched and its hole spasmed when SIR referred to it as "my stuff".  
Ever since it left the SIR's home last Friday the MASTER has been gradually taking control. The slave talks to SIR every day via the message function of
Here is a record of the conversation. The messages begin about an hour after it met SIR at his home and SIR used the slave as a cum dump and sent it on its way on Friday afternoon:

Dated:  8/1/14 3:02 PM - slave
Thank You very much for reaching out to the boy the other day and thank You for choosing to use it for Your needs SIR. The boy is very grateful to SIR and looks for and glad it could be of service to SIR. it can't think of a better way to spend the day off from work.

The boys work schedule is Friday to Thursday so This is the first day of its work week and it was off today and Sunday.

it's next work week starts Friday 8/8 and it believes it will be off Sunday and Wednesday so that would be 8/13 the next time it is available SIR.

Thanks SIR.

Dated:  8/1/14 3:32 PM - MASTER
ok will keep in touch cause I really didn't get to use you like I wanted to cause of time. I want you completely naked and fuck that ass like its no tomorrow! can it ever host?

Dated:  8/2/14 3:24 AM - slave
it will keep in touch and yes if planned in advance it can possibly host SIR. it will work on loosening up its hole so it can be a good fuck for SIR. Thank You SIR.


Dated:  8/4/14 8:22 AM -MASTER
good morning I need to use you again

 Dated:  8/4/14 9:59 AM - slave

Dated:  8/4/14 10:03 AM -MASTER
are you working today? I want to bend you over and stretch that hole open maybe tie you up

  Dated:  8/4/14 10:24 AM - slave
SIR, it is working today, sorry SIR. it doesn't think it will get much work done because it will be distracted thinking about being under Your control, bound and being fucked hard by You, SIR.

   Dated:  8/4/14 10:27 AM - slave
SIR, The slave is working all week 9am-6pm. its next day off is Sunday 8/10. Then it works Monday 8/11 and Tuesday 8/12. The slaves next weekday off is Wednesday 8/13 SIR. This is not a typical schedule, but someone else at work is on vacation so it has to fill in the extra day SIR.

Dated:  8/4/14 10:34 AM - MASTER
ok we will work something out but you need to contact sir everyday and let him know your thinking about me

 Dated:  8/4/14 11:28 AM -slave
SIR, the slave has thought of little else since it walked out of Your house on Friday. it still had the wonderful taste of Your Cock and Your Cum in its mouth. it felt used and that's how its should feel. in the short time it was with SIR it felt Your dominance and Your power and it wants to serve YOU and be used by You some more SIR.

 Dated:  8/4/14 11:32 AM - MASTER
and vise a versa I felt in control, you just don't know the thing sir want to do to you

  Dated:  8/4/14 11:33 AM - MASTER
I know your busy at work so well talk later on

Dated:  8/4/14 11:47 AM - slave
That message both excites it and scares it. it wants to serve SIR, obey SIR and be used by SIR for Your pleasure. it is grateful for the time and attention SIR.

 Dated:  8/4/14 11:47 AM - slave
Yes SIR, but the slave will be thinking about SIR all day.

 Dated:  8/4/14 11:56 AM - MASTER
I want you be excited every-time you think of me but don't want you to be scared I have limits to how much pain I administer would never go to far

   Dated:  8/4/14 1:18 PM - slave
Yes SIR. it wants to please You SIR so You enjoy using it and training it for Your pleasure SIR.

Dated:  8/4/14 1:21 PM - MASTER
yes I do wish you where here now

Dated:  8/4/14 1:28 PM - slave
it does too SIR. SIR it just saw a chat request, unfortunately the chat feature does not work on its iPad which is how its online while at work SIR

Dated:  8/4/14 1:30 PM-MASTER
did you like when I kissed your hole?

Dated:  8/4/14 1:32 PM - slave
Yes SIR it did. it liked everything with SIR.

Dated:  8/4/14 1:32 PM - MASTER
what time do you get off? who do you live with

Dated:  8/4/14 1:33 PM - MASTER
I need you at least eight hours to bond with you

 Dated:  8/4/14 1:35 PM - slave
SIR, on Mondays it usually leaves work around 6:30 or 7pm SIR. SIR it lives with its partner and a roommate SIR.

Dated:  8/4/14 1:36 PM - MASTER
partner as in lover ?

Dated:  8/4/14 1:42 PM - slave
it can host SIR for 8 hours as long as it can plan in advance so the house will be empty so SIR can train it without interruption.

 Dated:  8/4/14 1:43 PM - slave
SIR, don't really think of him as lover since its a BDSM based relationship and he is a collared boy. SIR

 Dated:  8/4/14 1:47 PM - MASTER
what if I want to use him too?

Dated:  8/4/14 2:09 PM - slave
That could be a possibility in the future SIR, but for now that would complicate its life immensely SIR.

Dated:  8/4/14 5:15 PM - MASTER
that's ok I think your just enough for me right now

   Dated:  8/4/14 5:25 PM - slave


Dated:  8/5/14 9:54 AM - slave
Hello SIR, sending SIR a message to let You know it has been thinking about SIR all day. Especially SIR's message from yesterday about tying boy up and stretching its hole. it really wants to be used by You SIR. hope SIR has a good day.

 Dated:  8/5/14 10:00 AM - MASTER
same here I've been thinking about ways to use you
Dated:  8/5/14 10:08 AM - slave
SIR YES SIR. it is here for Your use and pleasure SIR
Dated:  8/5/14 10:12 AM - MASTER
when are you free again you wanna cum back over here?
Dated:  8/5/14 10:15 AM - slave
SIR its next fee day is Sunday and it knows SIR is unavailable. Next Day after that is Wednesday 8/13 and yes it will have to come to SIR. There are houseguest in and out of the house for the next couple of weeks and it can't host. Towards the end of the month things will go back to normal and the place will be empty in the day time and it can host SIR for visits.
Dated:  8/5/14 10:24 AM - MASTER
ok I expect to see you Wednesday the 13th on your knees ass up bring a belt so I can spank that ass I need to leave my mark on you
Dated:  8/5/14 10:34 AM - slave


Dated:  8/6/14 10:11 AM - slave
Hello SIR. sending message this morning. slave is at work but its mind is thinking about kneeling before SIR.

 Dated:  8/6/14 10:12 AM - MASTER
good morning have a nice day will talk tonight
 Dated:  8/6/14 10:14 AM - slave

Dated:  8/6/14 4:08 PM - MASTER
what time do you get off?
Dated:  8/6/14 4:27 PM - slave
SIR, looks like it will finish work around 6:30 or 7 SIR. Should be home by 7:30 SIR
Dated:  8/6/14 4:28 PM - MASTER
ok keep my stuff locked up
Dated:  8/6/14 9:08 PM - slave

SIR, it hopes it interpreted SIR'S message correctly SIR. SIR'S stuff is locked up, SIR

There have been no negotiations with SIR. He is an authoritative dominant BLACK MASTER and He is taking what He wants from this white slave and using the white slave however He wants. 

He has not asked the slave about likes, dislikes or limits. He understand it is a slave and those things are meaningless. In the presence of a BLACK MASTER a white slave only exists for the MASTER'S needs, wants and desires.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Recent service to a Superior Black SIR

On Thursday afternoon, July 31, the slave received a message from a BLACK SIR on

SIR 3:25PM - you not looking for a black guy anymore?

slave 4:11PM - Hello SIR, This white boy is not currently looking to become owned and collared property of a Black SIR at this time. But the boy can provide any kind of service or be of use to SIR in some way it would be willing to try, SIR. With respect, slave j.

SIR 4:17PM - Sir is looking for a bj or to fuck

SIR 4:19PM - looking for a clean and sober fuck buddy ever body want to pnp not into it like fucking with a clean system

The slave did not respond to the SIR’s message till later that evening because of work

slave 2:25AM - SIR, This white boy is clean and sober 20+ years. Is does not do drugs, drink or pnp. The white boy does use poppers when allowed by the SIR who is using it.

SIR the boys holes are available for You. The boy would like to inform SIR that it has been inactive in the scene for over three years and has put on weight since it posted the pics on here. SIR will determine if He enjoys fucking the fat ass of a white pig boy, or has any interests in the boy knowing that information. The boy is working on losing weight SIR. If SIR just wants to use the white boys mouth for a blow job it imagines the boys size does not matter much. The boy has a gag reflex but it always keeps an empty stomach and will lick up any spittle it coughs up. it has learned that many Men enjoy making the boy choke on their Cocks. The boy is sorry it did not answer earlier. The boy was at work when it first read SIR'S message and the afternoon and evening got very busy.

SIR can message boy here or e-mail it at to continue the discussion and make arrangements for the slave to be of service to SIR. SIR, thank You for contacting this white boy and considering it for use. it is very grateful.

with respect, slave j

The SIR responded back the next morning.

SIR 8:27AM - I don't care about your weight better for me make you act like a nasty pig

SIR 9:38AM- so you still live in Oakland?

slave 9:59AM – Yes SIR it lives in Oakland. Where is SIR?

SIR 10:00AM – I’m in Novato

slave 10:15AM – Yes SIR. It knows where Novato is. Not too far and easy to get to.

SIR 10:19AM – I’m free weekdays from 8 to 4 what’s your schedule?

slave 10:28 - SIR, the slave is generally off one weekday and on Sundays every week. Usually the week day is Thursdays or Wednesdays so it can make itself available to SIR between 8-4. This week it happens to be off today and would be available to SIR after 2pm if SIR wanted to have short meeting with the slave

SIR 10:35AM – yes I want to see you today (then the SIR gave His address) you have GPS?

slave 10:37AM – yes SIR it has GPS and can find its way. What time SIR?

SIR 10:38AM – at 2pm

slave 10:40AM – SIR yes SIR it will be there at 2pm SIR!

SIR 10:41AM – you want my phone number 415-XXX-XXXX

SIR 10:45AM – 1:15 or 1:30 is even better

slave 10:48AM - Thanks for the phone number SIR. it will do what it can to finish the things it has to do today to be there earlier. Can SIR receive text with phone number? if so it will text SIR with expected arrival time. But it will be there no later than 2 SIR and possibly earlier as SIR has indicated.

SIR 10:50AM - yes I can receive texts very excited to meet it

slave 10:53AM - SIR the slave is excited too. it has been a while since the slave has served or been used by a Superior Black Master. it is grateful to SIR for the opportunity.

This was unexpected surprise for the slave’s day off. The slave showered and cleaned it self out. Had coffee but skipped breakfast, just drinking a little water. The slave finished the chores it had to get done and at 12:45PM the slave was in its car making the 45-minute trip north to Novato filled with anticipation. Unfortunately because of traffic going through Berkley the trip took an hour

At 1:45PM the slave arrived at SIR’S home. SIR was waiting for it at the door. He was a fit BLACK Daddy. He directed the boy inside the house and closed the door. He ordered the boy to sit on the couch and He stood in front of it and dropped His shorts and said “so the boy likes Black Daddies!”. His Black Cock was standing full and erect. His Cock was a dark chocolate color like the rest of him and was about 71/2 inches. The slaves mouth was open and drooling until He said “get started” and the slave wrapped its mouth around that BLACK Cock. It sucked on it until He pulled out and ordered it to lick His balls. He ordered it to stand and stop its pants and He felt the slave’s ass and asked if it wanted to get fucked. It responded with a Yes SIR so he sat down on the couch and told it to sit down on His Cock. It tried but it hurt! The slave is out of practice and its hole has tightened up a lot. The slave took a hit of poppers and then SIR took some, and it tried again and this time it succeeded in lowering itself on to His Cock and it was wonderful even with the pain. The slave lowered it self up and down a bit and it could feel how out of shape it was in its quads. Then SIR ordered it off and on its knees and told it to put the His Cock back in its mouth. The slave started sucking and deep-throating the Black Cock joking on it as its gagged reflex kicked in. SIR grabbed the back of its head and started shoving the slaves head down on His Cock and said “Don’t Stop I’m coming”. The slave could feel His Cock pulsing and its mouth flooding with warm fluid that quickly flowed down the slave’s throat. The slave kept sucking until SIR said to stop. The slave knelt there with His Black Cock in its mouth loving how it felt to fed a Black Master’s cum. SIR said “I needed that! I was so fucking horny!”

After a moment SIR tapped it on the head and said “I’m done. Get up.” As the slave started to sit up it saw a pearl of cum drip from the head of His Cock and it caught it with the tip of its index finger and put it in its mouth.

SIR told it to get dressed. He said it was a good boy but it had to go, His wife would be home. 

The slave gathered up its stuff and thanked the SIR profusely and left.

In the car it saw that it was 2:05pm. The slave had made and hour drive to be used by a Black Master to bust a nut for 20 minutes and then was dismissed. The slave didn’t even know SIR’s name. He was a superior BLACK MASTER and it was a white slave that had been used the way it was meant to be used. 

it drove home with the taste of cum in its mouth and some fluid drying it its goatee. Life was good.