Monday, December 13, 2010

The first Black Master: Part 4

Up until i went home with this Black Man all of my sexual experiences had been in the front or back seats of cars (not counting the solo one's with me jerking off). i would meet a guy in a bar, go out to the parking lot with him and give him a blow job. Then i would go home, with the taste of cum still fresh in my mouth, and jerk off with a copy of Drummer magazine, fantasizing about bondage and slavery. i was intrigued and curious about Black men, but i had not fantasized about them as my Master.

When i met the Black Man in the bar and agreed to leave with Him, i was prepared for another blow job in a car, and excited about sucking my first Black Cock. i was not aware that i would be receiving my initiation into the world of superior Black Men and what it's like to be dominated and to be used by a Black Master.

To say that i was not expecting to find my self hog-tied and gagged on the bedroom floor of a Black Master's home is an understatement. i know i drifted off to sleep, for how long i do not know. When i woke up it was still dark in the room, but i could see a little light between the drawn shade and the window frame. It was dawn outside. Everything ached. The plug in my hole itched. my lips were dry and my neck hurt. i didn't like this. i started to struggle and grunt and groan. i abandoned the idea of  not disturbing Him. i wanted out. i continued with my struggling, when i heard Him shift on the bed. In the darkness i heard His voice "shut up faggot, or I'll come over there and kick the shit out of you". Then i heard him rollover and the bed creaked and then He was quiet. i stopped my struggling and just listened to the sound of His breathing.

Two things i should mention. First of all i was asked by someone how i remember all of this. it happened a long time ago. There are two reasons. First of all, it was my first time, and this Black Master made an impression on me that I have never forgotten. Second of all, i remember it pretty well because about 6 months after it happened, i wrote it all down for my anthropology professor. i'll explain about why i was telling my college professor about my first sexual experience in another post. But suffice to say, the act of writing it all down left me with a pretty clear memory of the events. i am being careful to not embellish it and make it read like a porn story. The experience and the things this Black Master introduced me to are true.

The other thing i should mention is how he talked to me. He was stern and commanding. His voice told me He wouldn't take any shit. i have always been attracted to authority figures and the way he spoke to me let me know he would brook no nonsense or back talk. The same thing was communicated the few times He hit me to get my attention. They were real slaps, meant to snap me back in line right away. There was also a tone of both contempt and affection (if that is possible) in His voice when he used terms like faggot, bitch, etc. When he yelled at me from the bed it was like He was yelling at a dog, not another human being.

And His yelling at me like that, the sound of His voice and the word "faggot" turned me on all over gain. my white boy cock tried to get hard, but was still bound up in the jock. i fell asleep lightly humping the floor and feeling horny all over again.

The next time i awoke it was light in the room. The sun was shining bright through the crack between the shade and the window sill. He was kicking me to wake up. He worked on the ropes connecting my ankles and He freed them. He helped me get to my knees and I was looking right at His beautiful, erect Black Cock. A wave of something came over me as i looked at it. He helped me to my feet and i kept my head down. i was mesmerized by His Cock and could not stop looking at it.

He led me to the bathroom and if i wasn't so clueless i would have known what was coming next. On the way He asked if i was thirsty and i nodded. When we got to the bathroom He had me kneel on the floor. He undid the jock from my head and pulled it from my mouth. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced my head into the toilet bowl. i resisted and struggled and tried to pull away. The water was slightly tinted from the piss He took the night before, but that had hardly crossed my mind. It was just the act of drinking from the toilet i resisted. i had never fantasized about anything like this. i pulled away and that's when he hit me hard, with a backhanded slap across the face. i fell backwards and he grabbed my head with both hands and held me. He called me a white piece of shit, faggot, bitch. He said that i came into his house with all these white boy fantasies about being a slave and He was going to show me the real thing. He said whitey had no idea what slavery was. That if i was going to be a slave it was going to be all the way. He said i could resist and struggle all i wanted, but He wasn't letting me go until he was done with my faggot ass. i was going to like everything he did to me and beg Him for more by the time He was through. He was going to train me to be a Black Man's bitch for real. And if i pleased Him He would give you some more of this Black Cock you keep looking at.

I remember  half kneeling, half cowering on that bathroom floor like it was yesterday. His strong Black hands on both sides of my head. His stern, low commanding voice right in my face. my wrists bound i felt so helpless and i just knew i had to do what he wanted me to do. And he was right, even as He was yelling at me, my eyes would dart to His Cock which was now fully erect, the pink tip out from the foreskin, It looked huge and massive to me. It was amazing looking. i could not help looking at It. i was drawn to it. i wanted His Black Cock.

He helped me to my knees and i shuffled to the toilet and lowered my head. i barely let my lips touch the water and took a sip. it really had no taste, just water. He gave me a shove with his leg and told me to drink. The shove caused me to shift my balance and my whole face went into the water. He just laughed as i pulled it out and told me to start drinking. As i did i felt the first warm drops and then the steady stream on the back of my head. He was pissing on me. The hot stream ran down my head and face and started landing in the toilet. He told me to keep drinking as I saw the dark yellow piss begin to color the water. i could begin to taste it too.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up. Now He was pissing on the side of my face. i shut my eyes so has not to get piss in them and while i was doing this He shoved His Cock into my mouth. i started to sputter and fight but he ordered me to swallow so I did. It was not anything like i was expecting. i guess i was expecting it to taste the way it smelled, but it didn't. It was hot and kind of salty and had a flavor my more experienced mouth would describe as fresh morning piss. i swallowed. i did not want to get hit again. besides i was distracted by having His Cock in my mouth. That felt so good. Soon He was controlling the flow, letting it fill my mouth till i swallowed and then more until His bladder was drained into my belly.

He ordered me up and into the tub and then back onto my knees. He pulled the shower curtain closed. He asked if i had to piss and when i nodded yes He told me to piss kneeling in the tub. It took a moment to get started with Him watching, i was pee shy, but then the flow started, soaking the pouch of my jock, that was still bound and encased my cock and balls. As i pissed He turned on the cold water. He laughed when i shouted and tried to get out of the way of the shower spray. He pushed me into it until i was soaked and shivering with cold. He turned off the cold and then reset the knobs and soon I felt hot water. He stepped into the shower so my face was directly looking at His Cock. He told me to start licking It as He began to soap up. The water was running down His body and on to me and i had my face buried between His legs. i was licking His Cock and Balls and taking them in my mouth. He was full and hard and thick and i could barely get a third of it into my mouth. I licked the shaft up and down and made love to His Black Cock.


  1. FYI - I finally got around to blogging that excerpt from "First Black Master" with link back to this site as we had discussed:

    Did you ever transfer your profile to the new BMR?

  2. I never had black masters but I do love to please dominant black men or sometimes being forced to submitting to their pleasures.

  3. Thanks so much for this remarkable account. I suspect that each of us, white men, who have fantasized about serving a Black man and then actually served one, can relate to your account. We've all had that moment of reckoning, when fantasy is smacked upside the head by reality. In my case, once I'd tasted reality, I have never looked back. I still am thrilled and proud to be a Black man's white slave. Great god luck!

  4. Great account. Black men reign!!!

  5. Your blog has meant so much to me and my awareness of the joy of submitting to a Black Male. I recently met a black man at an adult book store and was able to serve him. I told him about BMR and your blog and he was actually surprised that there were white boys like us who were so anxious to suck Black Cock. Not all Black Men have heard of us, so keep blogging!

  6. You grew up watching bulges walking around and you knew you were there to handle their loads. You are an oral service boy, and you're proud that your mouth can make a Black Man spew a hot load your belly loves to feed on, or take a facial to make your skin soft. The thrill of kneeling between mature legs while you take care of a Man, just like you used to dream of when you were jerking off late at night. you have a mouth that makes love to Dick, not just suck it and you love showing off.

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    Ask your husband when was the first time he sucked Dick and who he sucked off...

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  7. Obeying the black man and giving him the utmost respect should be the new standard today , White men know we can.t measure up to the superior black man , Our white women have proved this so should we . I am proud to serve my black master in every way and that means to drink his piss take his powerful tasty cum we will do so quickly and happily ,if not the black man has every right to slap , hit or whatever to correct bad behavior .

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