Monday, May 31, 2010

Black Master's cuckold.

Can a straight Black Bull Master have a gay cuckold? The typical cuckold is the husband/boyfriend of a white female. The white female goes Black and her white male is reduced to the role of cuckold. Most watch the white female enjoy the pleasure of experiencing a real man and then are sometimes made to lick the Black Man's Cum out of her pussy and to clean the Black Man's Cock. Most often they are put in chastity because their worthless white cocks no longer serve any purpose. Frequently they are used as a suck boi by the Dominant Black Male. The cuckold husband may also be further humiliated by forced feminization, becoming a sissy, being fucked by the Dominant Black Male or raped by his white wife using a strap-on black dildo. The straight male's life is reduced to service of his wife who has gone Black and the superior Black Master who now owns them both. The straight white male has been dominated, humiliated and forced into a new life as a cuckhold.

But what of the gay white male who already knows of the superiority of the Black Master and does not need to be humiliated to understand it's place in the pecking order. The white boy who would willingly volunterr to serve a Black Master in any way?

The slave imagines a Black Master taking control of it and making it a type of cuckold or celibate slave in His home. The gay white male is put in strict, permanent chastity. it is fitted with a dildo identical in size and shape to the Master's Cock. The dildo is strapped in place and locked. The Black Master than puts a collar on His new white bitch. The slave serves the Black Master by keeping His house. it lives in a state of horny desire to serve the Black Master's Cock, but it is denied that honor. The Black Bull Master reserves His Cock for turning white bitches into slaves for Black Men.

The Black Master keeps His gay male slave in forced chastity and celibacy. The Black Master arranges for white females to visit and His cuckold slave answers the door and takes them to the room where they will receive the Black Master. The slave prepares the white females like an offering, putting them in spread eagle bondage on His bed. A bright red ball gag goes in their mouth and a collar goes around their neck. The white slave kneels and waits for the Black Master.

He comes in, wearing a robe of luxurious silk. He removes it and the white woman lets out a moan at the sight of His physical prowess. His beautiful Black muscular body and His enormous Black Cock.

The Black Master looks at her and is pleased. The slave did a good job, He goes over and rams His Cock down it's throat, face fucking it and getting it all wet and slick to fuck her with. That is the reward the slave gets. The slave will also lick His Black Cum from her pussy, a task it has come to love and then, if the Black Master is in a generous mood, He will allow the slave to clean His Black Cock with its mouth.

These white women come here because they want to experience Black Cock. He will fuck her, in fact, rape her, and when she leaves she will be converted. A white male will never be able to satisfy her again.  When the Black Master is done using her, the slave will release her and send her out of the house. Within hours she will be e-mailing Him, trying to get more Black Cock. He never does the same white bitch twice. He will refer her to another Black Master, whom she will invariably contact and arrange to meet. What she won't know, is that He will arrange to have some friends over and the white bitch will find out first hand what it like to service three or four Black Cocks at once. After that she will be completely submissive and looking to become the property of a Black Master for the rest of her life.

The slave kneels and watches her conversion to Black Superiority. Watching the Black Master fuck another white bitch and show them their true role in Black Society. The slave is mesmerized by the how skillful the Black Master takes her. He is a superior Black Master and the slave lives to serve Him.

The slave would willing accept a life of chastity/celibacy in service to a Black Bull Master. become His cuckhold and owned property.


  1. A good summary of the ideal postion for a wimpy white sissy slave. however that I feel not many who can be so lucky

  2. All my income now goes directly to my black master. I get out of chastity once a month to jerk off into the toilet. My wife is getting rough fucked by him and his friends. We are total slaves to our black master.

  3. since he has u under his controll he needs to put boobs on u and remove all his body hair and put a slave number on u

  4. Hi my name is jamie i like the whole idea of being abitchboy to my new black master it really turns me on luv jamie xxxxoooxx